Belt Promotions 2020

Belt Promotions

October 2020 Belt Promotion

August 2020 Belt Promotion


February 2020 Belt promotion Congratulation 


October Belt Promotion Congratulations 


This lil dragon: Ruger Wilson got his first stripe on September 3rd, can not tell if he is happy or not. Can you tell? Ha Ha Proud Instructor here. Congrats young dragon.

Congratulations to Alexis Hannah and Sophie Chronister they both received White Belt 1st stripe on August 20th, 2019  

Congratulation to, Josh Biser, Reese Rollings, and  Zoey Bradley on 7-2019

Belt Promotion 4-9-2019

Congratulations to those who made the belt ranks

Left to Right: Shea Cormier-White belt 1st stripe, Nathan Horath-Yellow belt 1st stripe, Cassie Horath-Orange belt 1st stripe, Brock Cormier-White belt 1st stripe.

Left to Right: Landon Horath-Yellow belt 1st stripe, Jaxon White-White/Yellow belt, Teagon Steely-White belt 1st stripe, AJ Horath Yellow belt 1st stripe.