What is Senshi Ryu Karate?

Karate itself is a popular martial art developed in Okinawa, Japan (specifically in the Ryuku Islands south of Japan). It literally means “the way of the empty hand” since no weapons were initially used. Modern karate is largely a striking art, utilizing punches, kicks, strikes involving the knees, elbows, and open hand techniques. In the beginning, karate was a broader fighting style and included techniques that are not as widely taught. Some of these techniques included wrist locks, restraints, and throws. 

Senshi ‘warrior’ Ryu ‘school’ or ‘style’ has become a combination of traditional hard and soft styles. Senshi Ryu karate teaches that its students should avoid violence whenever possible. Respect and humility are important concepts taught through Senshi Ryu. At JFA Academy, our focus is on integrity, honor, discipline, and the ability to defend one’s self if it becomes necessary.

Learning Senshi Ryu karate is also a fantastic fitness experience. It also builds focus, self-discipline, confidence, helps in the development of work ethic and builds character to help practitioners keep moving toward their goals. Here at JFA Academy, we believe Senshi Ryu karate is a perfect martial art for children as it helps improve their focus and self-discipline over time. It is also great for families as well as adults looking to learn martial arts. 

What are the Benefits of Senshi Ryu?

JFA Academy’s Senshi Ryu karate program is led by Grand Master Jimboy, a 9th-degree black belt. Our program and our school are associated with the Senshi Ryu Martial Arts Association. We strive to provide the best possible martial arts training for Purcell, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area. 

Learning Senshi Ryu karate has many benefits, including: 

  • Better endurance
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Increased coordination 
  • Improved physical strength 
  • Improved mental strength
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Making new friends

During class, students practice their karate skills, but the benefits of training Senshi Ryu don’t end when they leave class. Senshi Ryu training provides positive effects on JFA students while they go about their day-to-day lives. .

When Can I Attend Senshi Ryu Class at JFA in Purcell?

Class schedule for Senshi Ryu at JFA Academy is:

  • Tuesday evening kid’s class:   6 pm
  • Tuesday evening adult class:   7 pm
  • Thursday evening kid’s class:  6 pm
  • Thursday evening adult class: 7 pm

Our schedule may be subject to change. Make sure that you check out this page for updates! 

What Should I Bring to Senshi Ryu Class?

For your first class, just bring yourself (and, hey, maybe a friend if you’re feeling adventurous – we do have a referral program!). JFA Academy has loaner uniforms and belts for both kids and adults. We know that you will want your own Senshi Ryu uniform. We order every person’s uniform and belt to make it easier for them! If you or your child would like to participate in the sparring sessions, eventually you’ll want to buy sparring gear: gloves, headgear, mouthpieces, etc. But, no worries! We can help you with that, too! It will even be delivered to our school. Just show up! We also have bottled water available for purchase or you’re always welcome to bring your own! 

Book Your First Senshi Ryu Karate Class Now!

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