What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo, or Tae Kwon Do, is a self-defense martial art originating from Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest martial arts forms in the world. Tae Kwon Do is around 2,000 years old. The name is broken down as: Tae (foot) Kwon (hand) Do (art). This is an exceptional descriptor for this style of martial arts. 

A Short History of Tae Kwon Do in the United States

Taekwondo was introduced to the United States during the 1950s. A few master instructors traveled to America to introduce this martial art. Throughout the following decades, Taekwondo grew in popularity, not only as a martial art but also as a sport first practiced and performed in the Olympics in 1988.

What Is the Taekwondo World Championship?

In 1973, Korea hosted the first Taekwondo World Championship. That was also the same year the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) was established as the international governing body for the sport. Today there are 120 separate countries and 20 million practitioners across the world registered with the World Taekwondo Federation. Taekwondo is also unique in being the most practiced martial art in the entire world. Luckily, Purcell, Oklahoma (and the surrounding area!) has JFA Academy offering Taekwondo classes for children, teens, and adults! To learn more about our TKD instructors, click here

What Are the Benefits of Taekwondo?

At JFA Academy, Taekwondo is not just a means of learning. We want to keep the art fun and exciting, while our students also experience many of Taekwondo’s other benefits:

  • Improved muscle tone and appearance
  • Better strength and stamina
  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Better flexibility 
  • Improved agility 
  • Improved reflexes
  • Improved concentration 
  • More focus
  • Growth in leadership
  • More self-discipline
  • Reduced stress

What Are the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo?

The five tenants are the principles that drive the philosophy of Taekwondo. It is encouraged for Taekwondo students to include these principles into their everyday lives:

  • Be courteous. Showing politeness in your attitude and behavior towards others. This helps to teach students that others will be less likely to attempt to hurt them if they are kinder to others. 
  • Have integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong principles and morals. Building students up to hold strong to their beliefs and being whole is something every person should aspire to do and be, even when no one is watching.
  • Have perseverance. Persisting in doing something despite the difficulty or delay in order to achieve success. The principle of never giving up is ingrained into Taekwondo, and into the students that learn it. 
  • Having and using self-control. Self-control is the ability to control oneself; in particular, a person’s emotions and desires or the expression of them in a person’s behavior in difficult situations. This helps students learn the true meaning of self-defense.
  • Having an indomitable spirit. This is the courage and the desire to achieve your goal. It is never accepting failure, having the mindset to overcome, and having the will to win.

What Do I Need to Go to Taekwondo Class at JFA?

For your first few classes, all you need to bring to JFA Academy is yourself. We do offer Taekwondo uniforms and belts for purchase after you have tried out a class or two. We provide uniforms, belts, and sparring gear for purchase to all our students to make things easier! You’re also welcome to bring your own water bottle or you can buy a bottle of water here at our gym. We are conveniently located on Green Street in Purcell, Oklahoma near Sonic. 

When Can I Attend Class?

JFA Academy’s Taekwondo Schedule is:

Tuesday Evening Kid’s Class:      6:30 pm

Tuesday Evening Adult’s Class:   7:30 pm

Thursday Evening: Kid’s Class:   6:30 pm

Thursday Evening Adult’s Class: 7:30 pm

Schedule Your Taekwondo Class Now at JFA!

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